We will evict tenants who refuse to pay their rent or who persistently break their agreements with us. Mutual exchanges can be conducted with other WBC residents as well as with other housing associations and councils across the country. You need to register your property on Homeswapper to do this and make sure that you are not a launch tenant and that your rental account is not in arrears. Mutual exchange is a voluntary step so that real estate is accepted as seen by each party. The council does not offer help in finding a property to exchange, all this belongs to the tenant himself. Once you have found a potential property to trade with, you can contact the housing team for the application forms, we will then have up to 42 days to complete this process for you. Please send your CV to stephen.charles@nvhwoking.co.uk. For more details or to have an informal conversation about work, contact Steve Charles, Housing Team Leader 0300 373 0373, option 4. In some circumstances, it may be possible to terminate a rental with less than four weeks` notice. This may apply in certain cases of termination of the tenancy after the death of a parent.

This is the council`s rental management services program to encourage homeowners to rent out their properties. Long-term rentals are arranged without fees or commissions. There are different levels of management in these systems that offer different benefits to landlords and tenants. A deposit or cash incentive is offered to the landlord in exchange for long-term leases. Please label the keys with the address of the property and give them to us at the reception of the civic office. We will give you a receipt for them. Please do not send us the keys and do not leave them at the property as this will delay the end date of the rental. If it is difficult for you to return the keys to us at the citizens` offices, please contact us to discuss other arrangements with you. Email: housingoptions@woking.gov.uk; letsrent@woking.gov.uk The conditions for awarding a lease are very similar to those for succession. You can request that they be awarded to anyone who would have been entitled to success after the tenant`s death. There may be an inheritance or assignment only to a specific tenancy. There is also support for people who need to resettle or leave their current home.

If necessary, the council can help people find alternative housing in the district, and they may be able to apply for a loan for other properties under the program. This is a limited service and is mainly aimed at those who are in debt to their landlord or who have had a problem with their landlord that could not be resolved through mediation. .