The Dayton Agreement, a peace agreement concluded on 21 November 1995 by the Presidents of Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia, which ended the war in Bosnia and defined a comprehensive framework agreement for peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It preserved Bosnia as a single state composed of two parties, the Bosnian-Croat Federation and the Serb Republic of Bosnia, leaving Sarajevo as its undivided capital. I`m back in Sarajevo. The weather has become cold and rainy. It`s more like autumn than spring. I ended my short Easter visit to Zagreb on Thursday, three days ago. I went to Good Friday with the HNV members who returned to Zagreb after the parliamentary session. Jozelić insisted that I go with them, because on Good Friday he organizes a traditional banquet and a party for his friends. It was very nice and relaxing. After the intense and tiring work of the previous days, it was really reassuring.

I avoided talking about politics, even though many were curious. I enjoyed the company of good people, the informal conversations and the jokes we made. However, it was also a useful visit. At first, I had a very important conversation with Granić, and following the media in Croatia, I came to an important conclusion: they will always try to maintain the parallelism of the government by maintaining „Herceg-Bosna“. Secondly, I have dealt with some organisational problems which have hindered the continuation of the work of the HNV. I called Granić on Saturday to tell him I wanted to meet him. That day, in the afternoon, the office of the President of the Republic of Croatia informed me that Granić would be waiting for me on Monday at 11 a..m. I guess our meeting was debated before Tuđman and the meeting will be important because it was scheduled for the second day of Easter. I prepared for the meeting. I have chosen several important topics to discuss: the behaviour of the HDZ representatives in the parliamentary session of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the ideas they brought with them, the appointments in the future Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the position of the United States regarding the agreement and its implementation, the relationship of official Croatian policy and the Croatian media with me, and possible resistance to the implementation of the new constitution of the Federation.

The general framework agreement with 11 annexes was adopted on 14. .