Deposit accounts with BMO Harris Bank N.A. (as a deposit bank, „bank“) Figures: (an „assigned account“ each and the „deposit account“) with the bank under an agreement between the bank and the customer, after which the customer with the bank is the sum of a three-driver agreement including a borrower , a lender and a deposit-making institution known as a deposit guarantee agreement. These three parties play an important role in defining the terms of the DACA agreement. The agreement can also be considered a useful document for the lender, as it allows the lender to have a secure deposit deposit on the deposit accounts of the borrower with whom it is with the same bank or other financial institution. Cash is an extremely important guarantee for every financial institution or bank. The lender wants to get ever better interest rates on the borrower`s deposits. It is important to keep in mind when we talk about DACA, which means that it can be two types, one that is blocked by a control agreement that gives the lender full rights to the borrower`s trust account of the fund and prohibits the borrower from accessing the funds. The other is Spring, which allows the borrower to access his (s) deposit (s), as long as he has a default situation and the lende In accordance with the encirclement, by and between the Agency and the secured part, dated July 2014, the account of the Debt Service Reserve Fund is held by Umpqua Bank (the „bank“) for the life of the bonds. , as described in the intrusion. The capitalized terms used here, but not defined here, are defined in the loan agreements. . This account control agreement (the „agreement“) will be adopted on 12 February 2014 by the Global Geophysical Services, Inc. („GGS“), Global Microseismic Services, Inc.

(„Microseismic“), GGS Lease Co., Inc. („Lease“), Global Eurasia, LLC, („Eurasia,“ and with GGS, Microseismic and Lease together „Enterprise“), TPG Specialty Lending, Inc. („TPG“) as collateral agent („collateral agent“)